I - sacos mari x mona351 -

Two brands that work well together. Bags for the weekend, the gym, and the beach. Mona for going out, attending college, or having no idea what to wear. Five moments, five personalities, and five friends. They enjoy themselves wherever they go, and they laugh a lot. They spend their weekends in the country, stay up late and spend entire days in bed. 

 ~to cool to go without

II - 2tons x mona351 -

What brought us together was ambition and the constant desire to always be more. The desire for everyone to feel like themselves in our clothes. We've created outfits with 2tons clothes and Mona wallets so that when you don't have inspiration you can come here to look. We have in common the desire to improve with every mistake we make, we're human and no one is free from making mistakes - we want to show the part behind each brand, we hope you like it and feel inspired by this collaboration.

 ~to cool to go without

III - family x mona351 -

"We're a big family, with lots of women. We change our wallets all the time, each wallet for an occasion." The mum who carries the world on her back needs a big purse, but the daughter who's going on her first date only needs her lipstick and house keys. We expect the grandmother to take only the book and presents for the little ones... and the baby of the house to take the nappies and toys. What we have in common: nobody leaves home empty-handed. 

 ~to cool to go without

IV - cascaishopping x mona351

In 2022, we opened our first store in Cascaishoping (Lisbon, Portugal). It was a turning point for our brand that allowed us to grow a lot and reach new customers. Although the store was only open for a few months, it was important to establish a close relationship with our customers and gain feedback on how people felt about the brand. It was epic!!! 

 ~to cool to go without


V - cascaishopping x mona351 -  

Round two!!!

As once wasn't enough, in 2023 we opened the store again in Cascaishopping. The feedback from our customers was really good and we decided to come back. It's only been three months, but we've grown a lot as a brand, we've learned and we've reached new customers. It was even more epic!

 ~to cool to go without

VI - advent calendar 2023 x mona351 -

At Christmas 2023, we made our advent calendar. In collaboration with various brands, every day we raffled something off to our customers. It was good to show off to those who follow us and to be able to offer something to those who follow us every day.

 ~to cool to go without